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SNOOKI to Guest Star on Supernatural 9×16 Blade Runners!

Written by Vaughan Grey   // February 5, 2014


SNOOKI to Guest Star on Supernatural 9×16 Blade Runners!


As if we needed any more reasons to pine for the return of Supernatural after the Winter Olympics on February 25th, 2014 on the CW, now there’s another, former Jersey Shore and Dancing with the Stars reality multi-hyphenate Nicole ” SNOOKI ” Polizzi will be appearing on Supernatural 9×14 Captives.


UPDATE: The CW mislead everyone to think she’d be on 9×14 Captives, when she’s actually on 9×16 Blade Runners on March 18th, 2014.


How do we know?! B/c she’s in the PREVIEW for the episode, which just aired after Supernatural 9×13 The Purge on February 4th, 2014. How did they manage to keep this a secret from us this whole time? Well, no one really pays attention to Snooki anymore so that must be how. As you have guessed, she is following in the footsteps of that other reality star, Paris Hilton, on this one.


Of course, Snooki will be playing herself as a Demon, very much like what Paris Hilton did a few years back on 5×05 Fallen Idols. This will not be Snooki‘s first acting role since she played, well, herself in The Three Stooges film. Get ready for those “love it or hate it” conversations.


Of course, this is not much of a surprise since Supernatural has mentioned Snooki in the past…..and Snooki loved it! As you might recall, a character said, “What’s a Snooki?”


See it Below!



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